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Metropolis                                                 The oil pours over the rim, creates space to unfold

                                                                      and blooms in its beauty. Using various techniques,
           Interviewer: One of your preferred materials was and       I mixed oil with acrylic so that the greatest possible
           is oil paint. You are particularly impressed by their      radiance of the color could unfold.

           intensity and luminosity. Your love of experimentation
           and your constant urge for personal and artistic           Interviewer: The title “METROPOLIS” is a widely used
           development led you to use metal as a ground               term that can have different meanings.
           material /underground.                                     Sroka:  ”METROPOLIS” is the title for all works that
           Sroka: I took on the challenge of working with             were created using this technique. The motifs are

           different, actually controversial, materials. At first     mainly figurative. I liked the idea that all pieces come
           glance, metal is cool and unapproachable, but when         together as a whole. All metal plates have the format
           the colors enter into a symbiosis with the material,       75x100 cm. The special technique gives each motif

           the painting lives in its intensity.                       its own vitality and a personal character.


           METROPOLIS, 2016 OIL ON METAL PLATE 29.5X39.3 IN. | 75X100 CM.

           178                                                        SOLO, 2016 OIL ON METAL PLATE 29.5X39.3 IN. | 75X100 CM.
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