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Andrea E. Sroka

                                   Lives and works in Ulm, Germany
           Luther in the Net                                           Sroka: This project was very significant for me in terms

                                                                       of scope and subject matter. The extensive research and
           Interviewer: Dear Mrs. Sroka, I have been fascinated        the gathering of ”contemporary witness material” were
           by your work for years. You have now put together           a major challenge. Under the title “LUTHER IN THE NET”
           the various facets of your works that illustrate your       I wanted to connect the past and current relevance of

           development from painting to conceptual art. Let’s          the Lutheran revolution. The prologue from the Gospel of
           start with your very extensive commissioned work            John verse 1 ”In the beginning was the word” was quickly
           on the Luther Decade 2014 on canvas.                        established for the structure of the individual topics.


           POPE, 2014 COLLAGES WITH ACRYLIC 27.5X39.3 IN. | 70X100 CM.

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