Page 179 - TOP 10 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS - volume IV
P. 179

The incorporation of all set pieces into my paintings      Sroka: Exactly, after a long search I discovered a very

           ultimately led to a harmonious total art work of 40        special exhibition space. The monastery church of
           pieces. From the beginning to the present, imagery         St. Augustin zu Grimma, built around 1435 as a hall
           and the Bible are examined as a media event. The           church, was the architectural equivalent of my work.
           use of acrylic technology connects the collages and        In this former sacred building, which has shown

           forms a unit on the canvas.                                persistence and impermanence over the course
           Interviewer: A specific stroke of luck happened with       of  500  years,  I  found  my  40  pictures  wonderfully
           regards to the presentation of your work.                  integrated.


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