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Masters of Today (MOT) Contemporary Artists Book Series is an exclusive art publishing at WOA with no remit to make profit, all advertising fees go into the creating and basic running costs of the demanding creative art publishing.

We provide museum-class publication services to fine artists, art companies, art organizations, and art lovers worldwide. We specialize in collectible, collective, museum quality art books and individual numbered and authentic signed and individually numbered by the artist bibliophile deluxe limited edition art books. Our clients are fine artists, art museums and art galleries. All Masters of Today (MOT) art projects represent the values of an art object professional in every aspect, unique created publications for collectors, galleries, museums, bookstores, libraries and art lovers, an overview of our contemporary art.


No two art books or exhibitions are the same, but the creative passion we bring to each art project is a constant. As active fine artists we are the best-of-breed unique books designers, art editors and publishers to create competitive bibliophile limited edition art books, to manage, market, promote, sell or monetize artistic creation.

We're pride artists ourselves on delivering art books as art for our clients, the artists. From comprehensive global publishing to unique art identity projects, WOA is helping contemporary artists to stand out from other artists when they are talking to an art gallery, an art museum, an art collector, an art critic, an agent or any other person an artist is marketing own art.

Our design team combines deep artistic and publishing experience with creative flair and a thorough understanding of our artists' ideal. Every book project begins with a thorough analysis of the artist's values, personalities, art messages and overexposure objectives. This, combined with our high-level experience, is the foundation of our creative art publishing and artists success. The end result is a limited edition collectible  book in a unique designed slipcase that makes a lasting impression in exposure and collection.


Masters of Today (MOT) Contemporary Artists Book Series is a collective art book collection of over 1000 contemporary artists profiles edited by fine artists, art collectors, museum curator, gallery managers and the art critics from all over the world.

Masters of Today (MOT) we are all experienced graduate active fine artists and we have over 35 years experience in fine art, creative layout, art publishing and offset typographical production.

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