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  • Art Professionals
    Contemporary Artists
        Bibliophile signet & numbered edition
        release date: November 2017
        Publisher: Masters of Today (MOT)
    MUSEUM QUALITY & ebook edition
        Hardcover 420 pages
        size: 8.5X8.5 IN /22x22 cm
        Language: English
        ISBN-10: 9189685350



    Art Professionals, with a new and original approach to 33 unique-expression artists and more than 500 works, is an unparalleled visual sourcebook and a celebration of our contemporary art that also be welcomed by many regular galleries, museums and cultural institutors worldwide.
    Artists featured: Agnes Parcesepe "Agili”, Alan Mahoo, Amarnath Viswanath, Antoni Kowalski, Bedriska Znojemska, Carol Carpenter, Christopher Onorato, David Beeri, Donelli J. DiMaria, Duygu Kivanc, Erwin Brügger, Francesco Ruspoli, Gro Folkan, Hélene DeSerres, Ignatius Montano, Iztok sSmajs Muni, Jane Gottlieb, Jody Richardson, Karl Weiming Lu, Kurt Freundlinger, Lidy De Brouwer, Lis Engel, Marlo, Marta Dimitrescu, Menno Vos, Philippe Thélin, Petra Dzierzon, Päivyt Niemeläinen, Rudik Petrosyan, Ryszard Milek, Tami Amit and Timothy R Taylor.
    Art history is presented as the individual artist's struggle to surprise, inspire and inform art lovers everywhere.