Having an Artist Profile published in quality art books is now a must for artists, an important tool which can further any career to the next stage.


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New Contemporary Global Art Book:
Touched by GENIUS
100 Contemporary Artists
Size 8.5 x 8.5 in. / 22x22 cm Hardcover
Estimated publishing date 2009
First print run 25,000

Artists are invited to submit for selection to become published in Genius
Criteria for inclusion
If you would like to include MOT's GENIUS - Contemporary Global Art Book please submit for nomination. Each nomination for inclusion is based exclusively on the merit of the works submitted. The nominations are judged solely by visuals submitted to artist@mastersoftoday.com.
Materials to Submit for Selection
6 - 18 artwork (JPG's image files as 300 dpi, size up to 23cm /9 in. each)
Each image file should include: title, year, media, size.
Critical essay or statement about the series of works submitted.
The personal website and e-mail address
Curriculum Vitae
A photo of the artist /a photo of yourself (300 dpi JPG, size 4cm /1,5 in)
Editorial Fee
An editorial fee applies to each accepted nomination in the Book. The editorial fee does not represent a payment for inclusion in the book, but represents the book founding for creative layout, design, full editing, text review and post-editing, plates, offset, printing, packing, shipping, distribution and basic running costs of our demanding art publishing.
The editorial fee is required in full after the nominated will receive a layout in the book. The editorial fee can be provided by a gallery, corporation or individual contributor, by an organization representing the artist..
Each artist and gallery included in the book will receive three complimentary copies. Shipping and handling cost additional. Subject to availability, additional copies may be purchased at shipping and handling cost.
* The Editorial Fees are subject to change, please check with MOT.
The Application Form is now available online. Download the Application Form (PDF format)
MOT provides complete creative art publishing services of collectible global art books. Our distribution is through large book wholesalers and ecommerce channels in US bookstores and internationally including Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon in USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia and many more. For further information on Masters of Today Publishing Company please refer to www.mastersoftoday.com. Discover MOT's Contemporary Art Global Art Books