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Therefore (so then), why art?
Whether they want it or not, artists always express their spirit by their emotions, thoughts, feelings and matters. S/he bears this knowledge within, more or less aware of it. It is part of his/her condition, it is something ingrained in his/her state of being. The artist investigates how to bring to light something that it is hidden to the normal sight, something that the eye – as pure physic sensor – can’t see. In few words, the artist always tries – or looks for – a way to see differently things and reality, as well as inside the things, for the sake of reality. And also for himself or herself, the destination of the work is equally important. To raise the question about what the public can understand, digest, appreciate, and feel the most - therefore capable of conducing the single beneficiary to a more profound reflection, it is undoubtedly a post-modernist action, maybe even a bit spoilt if not vicious. Nevertheless, the artists themselves – everyone with their own peculiar language and way of expression – are capable to face individually these kinds of issues and subjects, talking of their worries, allowing their works to exist as results of these thoughts, although in many different ways. (excerpt)



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Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: MOT books

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Release March 2012
Language: English

ISBN-10: 9189685156
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Essay by Andrea Pagnes