FAMOUS 121 Contemporary Artists in Masters of Today Collective Art Books Series at World of Art is an overview of contemporary art, a resource book for artists, galleries, museums, dealers, art collectors, who seek the latest trends in the art world. FAMOUS is an art book as art and source of information including 121 profiles of artists, reporting on the art, personalities and art trends that shape today art world. Over 264  page, hardcover, 8" x 8" / 22 x 22 cm, more than 584 works. Marketing and distribution through large wholesalers and ecommerce channels including Barnes and Noble, Amazon USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Australia and many others.


Some critics

Egotistical and career-fuelled individualism should be banished, just as feeling sorry for ourselves should. What we should always bear in mind is that artists are always harbingers of values, and artists are always their tireless defenders in the face of indifference, generalised hostility and incomprehension, enemies that should always be fought off with stubbornness and determination, refusing to be bowed under by them and attacking them unexpectedly and suddenly on all fronts; because truth, which is beauty in a work of art, not only can but ought to reign supreme on this earth. Not fighting for this presupposes passively accepting the widespread dissemination of the new forms of barbarity that are typifying our times. Art has to attack conformist society like a powerful acid, not by backing what or who profess, either thanks to the resonance or fame they bring to bear, or those whom we might be led to believe detain art and have the ability to evaluate it and, in fact, impose it, but by backing art itself. Art itself must claim this victory in its relationship with the public, a public that is able to grow and that is therefore neither elitist nor factious.  (excerpt)

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Hardcover: 264 pages
Publisher: MOT books

Limited edition

Released: June 2007
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9189685113
ISBN-13: 978-9189685116
Size 8.9x8.5 in /22x22 cm
Shipping Weight: 2.8 pds