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    Here, There, Everywhere

    It is a known fact that Israelis live in a complex reality. They are driven to reflection and at the same time are urged to act fast. Everyday life absorbs their energy in big sips. So Israelis react, expressing what is just ready to burst out of their chests. Art is there, impatiently waiting to be uncovered in many ways, trying to keep up with the roller coaster of life, trying to keep away from getting swept off from its natural course.

    And for such small a country, there are so many artistic doings! Private and public galleries, alternative spaces and museums, decorate the country’s landscape. Festivals and special events are reproducing by the minute. Group and solo exhibits; ongoing tours throughout the country’s peripheries and one-time events; live performances; municipal, national, and international events - almost everything goes.

    However, in spite of all that enlightenment, and due to more than a few reasons, artists are creating frequently on shaky grounds, at times barely surviving their ongoing efforts for recognition; often working with less than ideal conditions; investing valuable time in searching for budgets to finish projects. There is still much to be enhanced, and yet, artists keep on creating and procreating, doing what they are meant to be doing. (excerpt)

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    Essays by Liliana Kadichevski and AVIVA BEIGEL